Jennifer Purcell

Jennifer Purcell

Children’s Classes • Special Needs Classes

Jennifer Purcell graduated from Temple University with a bachelors in Psychology.  For the last 10 years she has worked with adults and children on the Autism Spectrum and with other various disabilities. Jennifer uses her unique musical talents at her current job as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. She has experience running large and small music groups in the classroom and currently leads the music for a special needs Bible study. Outside of work, Jennifer is a mother of an 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy. She enjoys playing the guitar and piano with them, being a T-ball coach and going on nature hikes. Jennifer’s passion is music and she’s constantly challenging herself to become a better musician. She is currently the lead singer of a rock band and sings on her church’s worship team. She has also performed with the Main Line Singers choir. Jennifer joins Breaking the Barrier School of Music leading our children’s group.

 Jennifer Purcell joins Breaking the Barrier School of Music leading our children’s group.  She strives to create an educational, fun, warm and accepting environment for everyone. Children groups are a fun way for your child to socialize with others, explore various instruments, incorporate movement, and learn through story-time, color identification, and counting.

Join Jennifer as she leads the Little Kids, BIG Voices class every Tuesday night at the Breaking the Barrier School of Music studio. Learn more here.

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