Special Needs Students

Breaking the Barrier School of Music is proud to offer music lessons for special needs students. Lesson assist in speech perception and language skills, working memory, attention span, and an overall increase in brain plasticity. Lessons are based in Applied Behavioral Analysis Verbal Behavior Approach to address positive behavioral changes. This takes place in the form of language and communication for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), music bolsters attention and focus, reduces hyperactivity, and strengthens social skills.

How Does Music Help with Special Needs Students – especially those with Autism?

Music is inherently structural, allowing it to be a solid antecedent and strong reinforcement for children with ASD (Lim 2010). Music addresses a variety of goals and objectives such as social skills, cognitive skills, behavioral skills, and language and communication skills. Using a variety of interventions, music is flexible and capable of catering to each child on an individual basis. ABA therapy and music address the necessary goals, allowing an instructor to obtain measurable responses in a way that is functional, as well as motivational. As a result, the lesson is fun for the child.

“Nothing activates the brain so extensively as music,” said the late Oliver Sacks, M.D., neurologist and author of Musicophilia. Sacks documented the power of music to arouse movement in paralyzed Parkinson’s patients, to calm the tics of Tourette syndrome, and to vault the neural breaches of autism. Students learn to first, listen, then take turns, anticipate changes, and pick up on cues in ways they might not do outside of an individual music lesson. The benefits of music for both neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals is limitless.

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