Your Music Lesson

Want to know what to expect with your music lesson. Don’t worry, Breaking the Barrier School of Music will make you feel comfortable in a welcoming atmosphere. Our teachers will customize a lesson plan for you to maximize time and your potential. Most lessons last 30 minutes and we like to pack a lot into those 30 minutes. Your music lesson will generally consist of the following:

Your Music Lesson Warm Up

Warm Up

The warm up part of the lesson will get you into the basics such as scales, drumming techniques, finger positions and so on depending on the instrument you are playing. Some might call this music fundamentals or the book learning portion.

Your Music Lesson Drums

The Lesson

Once the warm up is done teachers will move towards the lesson part or as our students refer to it, the fun part. In the lesson part students will learn actual songs across a wide genre of artists and styles that might include rock, classical, jazz, blues, country and more. We believe well rounded musicians make the best musicians. Songs are choosen based on the skill level of the student, but we always allow their input. Have that favorite song you want to play for your parents, kids, friends? We will make it happen.

Your Lesson Review

The Close

The end of the lesson will be review of what was covered, what to work on and setting up what will be covered in the next lesson. For parents bringing children we also allow for time for a quick review of what was covered in the lesson and what was assigned so you will know.

To get started on your musical journey, schedule a consultation lesson today or meet the Breaking the Barrier School of Music Teachers here.